Small Spaces, Big Possibilities



Cebu City – When furnishing a home and space is limited, selecting stylish yet multi-functional pieces is the way to go. Flexibility without losing aesthetics is key especially in urban dwellings. This is what Innovation Living, a Danish furniture company, has mastered since 1989.

At the core of its design DNA is a tradition that highly speaks of a harmonious blend of form, function, style, and comfort. Each product is crafted with timeless elegance and durability in mind—designed not to conform to trends but to withstand the test of time. Through these philosophies, Innovation Living became a renowned sofa bed specialist globally.

To continue this legacy, Innovation Living brings a line-up that highlights space optimisation through ergonomic furniture pieces. This include the Compact sofa bed series, which, as the name implies, is comprised of sofa beds that occupy minimal space when folded and serve dual purpose as a bed when expanded.

The Modular sofas and chairs, on the other hand, are designed to “interact” and be adaptable to the owners’ variable needs. One of the products under this category is the iconic Splitback—a modish, sculptural seating system that serves as a statement piece in the living area, while beautifully transforms into a comfy bed at night. First introduced 15 years ago, the Splitback modular sofa features innovative dual-split backrests for added comfort and versatility. Variations include Splitback Frej in solid natural oak frame, the mid-century-inspired Splitback Lauge), and Splitback Chrome, which has clean lines that radiate a contemporary appeal.

Both decorative and ergonomic, Innovation Living’s Daybeds are very versatile sans sacrificing comfort. The Ghia, for instance, has a three-step elevation on each side in combination with pocket spring mattress. This allows you to lounge in the most comfortable angle. Add to that, three different leg design options such as wood, chrome, and laser that suit different tastes—from classic to industrial.

The Slyders series playfully addresses challenges brought forth by compact living. The classic Vogan may look simple not until you extract its lounging space and you’ll realise how much creativity was put into it. Likewise, the possibilities are endless with the Bragi lounger sofa, a modular seating that can be turned into a chaise longue, and offers an optional headrest and integrated side table. To make tiny spaces softer and cosier, using pieces with rounded edges help. Filuca’s gracious oval shape is as friendly and inviting as the company you keep. Plus, it turns into a spacious lounger, double bed, or as two single beds, too! Resonating traditional Scandinavian design in every sense, Frode is light and soft; natural and balanced. It’s sleek yet functional—exactly how Danish furniture should be. Infusing influences of the American Mid-Century Modern Movement, the Recast Plus’ strikes a perfect balance between simple lines and voluptuous cushions—a feature that lures everyone to sink in and relax.. The decorative buttons add a contemporary twist. With broad armrests, big soft down feather cushions, and long, uninterrupted seating surface, the Idun sofa is perhaps the most fashionable among the Slyders. It is also available as a sectional lounger—a voluminous sofa that serves as a central social hub at home.

Innovation Living’s Multifunctionals combine handmade mattresses fixed to metal frames with integrated head elevation and wood slats. In this line, products are functional yet innovative. Case in point: the Minimum sofa bed, which gives an industrial touch to any room. The handmade mattresses—from pocket springs to full latex—ensure comfort at your own preference.

The cult-favourite Lunula also deserves a mention—a sofa that beautifully transforms into a welcoming king-sized bed—truly a space saver.

An array of Oeko-Tex certified fabrics that match the brand’s cutting-edge designs are also available.

With the many intelligently designed products in the line-up, Innovation Living makes living in constrained spaces possible. Visit their showroom at 2nd Floor Design Center of Cebu, A.S. Fortuna cor P. Remedio st. Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu.

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