To Fight Malnutrition, SAMA ALL!


Cebu City – True to the #2020NutritionMonth theme, the Central Visayas Regional Nutrition Committee (RNC) has indeed made efforts to “SAMA ALL” (a phrase depicting togetherness) in its quest to prevent stunting in the region as it launched this month’s celebration.

Anchoring the whole Central Visayas community to promote the theme “Batang Pinoy… Sana Tall, Iwas Stunting, Sama All!” with sub theme “Iwas din sa COVID-19” the RNC and its networks has mobilized different partners and stakeholders to be involved in the funfair.

From the thousands of views and hundreds of watch parties during its launching to the different creative ways of celebrating despite the varying levels of community quarantine in the region, people in Central Visayas have proven that community effort can go a long way.

Efforts include self-produce messages of the Nutrition Action Officers about the importance of health and nutrition in the first 1000 days to prevent stunting to the vlogs sported by local nutrition program coordinators showcasing their COVID-19 response (read about it here), to the Barangay Nutrition Scholars once again proving their talent and craft via the Nutri-Balaks, and various online/offline activities by the local nutrition committees.

To further give emphasis on the need for all sectors of the community to work together is the panel discussion conducted during the launching activities on 01 July 2020 on local government, private and regional agency interventions in preventing long-term malnutrition or stunting.

Nutrition has also been front and center in RNC member agency activities such as that of the DepEd Webinar, DSWD’s virtual lectures and different media outlet coverage, aside from their active participation and involvement in the launch itself.

With a little of the limelight given to nutrition despite these trying times, the region hopes to influence people make better health and nutrition choices and give better support for mothers and their children to prevent degradation of the regional nutrition situation. Afterall, it really takes a village to raise a child and NNC 7 is encouraging all community sectors to “SAMA ALL” in battling hunger and malnutrition.

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