LTO 7’s biggest office to feature ‘single-window transaction

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Cebu City – The upcoming Land Transportation Office (LTO) 7’s biggest office is set to feature a single-window transaction.

LTO 7 regional director Victor Emmanuel Caindec announced that the new office which will be situated at the Robinsons Galleria in Cebu will feature a single-window transaction.

“One of the features of that office being built today is that this is the first time that we are looking at the flow and dynamics of the agency’s process. This is to eliminate the long waiting time and long transaction hours of LTO,” said RD Caindec.

The single-window system is enabled by the LTO’s new Land Transportation Management System, which is part of the agency’s national IT modernization program.

Caindec further explained that any transactions of LTO 7 under the new office in Robinsons Galleria will only happen in one window.

Compared to the current process being practiced in most of the offices of LTO that clients need to transfer from one window to another.

The director also revealed that the current renovation being done in the LTO 7’s new office in Robinsons Galleria now costs P8 million, “not a single cent of government money was spent to retrofit that said office.”

He added that the mall management wanted to make sure that the new LTO office inside the mall will follow LTO standards.

“The current LTO office in N. Bacalso Avenue in Cebu City will be transferred to Robinsons Galleria, Malasakit Lounge will stay for special sectors,” said Caindec.

The director has not given any details yet on when the said new office will be operational.

“This office will be considered as the largest office in the region, same as to the other LTO offices inside the mall, this is a public-private partnership,” said Caindec.

Caindec believes that when the public is given more offices as options for them to do government transactions, it will eliminate complaints and will give the public a hassle-free transaction.

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