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Pastor Apollo: World peace can be achieved

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Before the historic summit between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un takes place in Singapore, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ has left a significant message not just to everyone who attended His King is Coming Tour Concert Crusade 2018 in the lion city of Singapore but for the rest of the world.

The good pastor stressed that world peace can be achieved if only, we have peace within ourselves first.

And if we reconcile to the Almighty Father who has created us.

“Our will is what made us dysfunctional. It made us collide with each other, fight against each other.”

“We need to be saved from that condition. We need to be ‘rebooted.’ We need to go back to the manual.”

“There can really be no peace unless we have peace within ourselves first,” Pastor Apollo said.

There can only be peace within ourselves when we have reconciled with the Father who created us.”

Pastor Apollo said that, the only way man can be restored back to the Father, is when he repents.

“What is repentance?

It is surrendering your own human will, and saying to the Father: ‘Not my will, but Your will be done in my life.”

“Imagine 7 billion human beings returning to the Almighty Father? Then there will be peace.”

On June 8, Pastor Apollo was the honoree of the prestigious Royal Institution Singapore wherein he received 6 doctorate degrees and was conferred as the Pioneer Ambassador of Global Peace for spearheading peace initiatives transcending racial, national, and intl religious barriers, highlighting inter-religious cooperation as a Global Platform for Universal Peace.

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